Winter Snow. Offetory performed by Witness at Foothills UMC, 12-22-2013. Lori Hable, Stephanie Hable, and Cory Hable, with Brandon Jagow, Chris Duvall, James Wieglet, Greg Etter, Glenn Ward, Recording Copyright 2013, Desert Island Productions and Foothills UMC

Words and Music by Amy Grant and Chris Eaton. Copyright 1992, Age to Age Music, Inc. CCLI# 1122149, 

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Love Came Down. Offertory by Stephanie Hable and Witness, June 9th, 2013, at Foothills United Methodist Church, La Mesa, CA. ©2013 DIP and FUMC. Witness: Stephanie Hable, Lori Hable, Glenn Ward, Tim Robertson, Greg Etter, James Weigelt, Brandon Jagow, Dan Beintema

Written by: Brian and Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, and Ian Mcintosh CCLI #: 5148938 Bethel Music Publishing © 2010 / Mercy Vineyard Publishing

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Hurricane, Offertory by Tim Robertson and Nate Jarrel, November 27, 2011, at Foothills UMC, La Mesa, CA.  © 2011 DIP and FUMC

Written by Jimmy Needham, Jason Ingram and Josef Gordon / Hebrews 12:7-11, Psalm 51:17 © 2008 Needhim Music / First Company Publishing / ASCAP / Admin. by First Company Publishing / Peertunes Ltd. / GrangeHill Music / Windsor Way Music / SESAC / Admin. by Peer Music.

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Black Narcissus, by Joe Henderson. Perfromed by Nate Jarrell and the MLK Jr.s' Reecorded live during the Martin Luther King Concert at Foundry UMC, Chula Vista, Ca. in 2013.  Nate Jarrell-Guitar, Peter August-Saxophone, Charlie Weller-Drums, Harley Magsino-Bass. Track 3 of 8 (more coming). © 2013 DIP and Foundry UMC

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Tommy Emmanuel at Foothills UMC 2003-Segment 1. A segment of the evenings concert featuring; Guitar/Percussion Lesson, Tommy's arraingments of "Over the Rainbow", "Michelle", and an Original song "The Endless Road". Tommy had a nasty cold, but that didn't stop him! 21:14 in length.

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