Fellow Castaway's, 

Over the last decade, plus a few years, I've had the great privilege to run sound for, and record the performances of a variety of some phenomenal musicians, as well as some very remarkable speaking events. I can't help but feel that some of these recordings need to be shared with you. Expect them to appear here every now and then as time allows, I've got a ton of music and such to work through, lets just see what happens to pop up!

Many performances were recorded in the same space, namely the sanctuary at Foothills UMC, and while many of the recordings are offerings by the Foothills praise band, "Witness" (during church services or otherwise), some are of community events sponsored by FUMC. Some performances are rather polished, yet some more are on the raw side, and sometimes the recording environment was less than ideal,  still I hope you will find as I have, that all the performances here were executed with deep feeling and come from the heart and soul of those preforming them. Regardless of the content and whatever you believe, or not, I truly hope you enjoy listening. Go in Peace and with Love, David

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